Google Entity Stacking

Google Entity Link Building

Google Entity Stacking

What is Google entity stacking?

The method started in early 2014 when some of the SEO's uploaded content in Google drive got crawled by Google and ranked well in Google results.

It has been tested to be spam free and powerful way to rank website since the theory is that Google will not penalize their own product such as Google spreadsheet, Google Slides, and other websites.

It has been remaining one of the most powerful ways to inter-connecting these assets and declare them to Google for business information such as 

1. Location
2. Business hours
3. Phone Number
4. Official business profile from Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin
5. Important information such as company establishment, founder story, investment funds, partnerships, jobs opening, and more.
6. Connecting and stacking with other business profiles
7. Declaring all of them in the Schema header as official sites.

Google Entity stacking or Google stack is the safest way to gain authority if it's done properly however the most common mistakes we see other providers doing the wrong entity stacking such as.
1) No constant updates on the stacks profile
2) Not interconnecting with other official social profiles
3) Not declaring the schema / structured data
4) Not supporting the link wheel from other link building efforts.

At White Label SEO, we provide world class Google entity stacking with proven strategy to ensure our clients get the most out of the power of Google Stacking.

This is suitable for startup websites that are fresh.

Google Entity Stacking


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