ShotGun Skycrapper technique

ShotGun Skycrapper technique

ShotGun Skycrapper technique


Shotgun skycrapper technique is based from the original Skycrapper technique started by Brian Dean but with a new twist to it.


Link building is hard and difficult at the same time tedious process to setup. If you have been doing SEO for a while, you know that white hat earned backlink is a tedious process and we are here to help with proven process.



We identify topics for linkable assets.
We will create the powerful content for skycrapper outreach 

Guest Posts

Some sites required guest post and this will be part of the package

Due Dilligence

We will ensure each and every link is quality and vet them before its placed


We identify thousands of prospects to reach out to.


We handle all communications​ with prospects and negotiate placements.


No extra cost for tools. We use tools that cost over $200 per month to deliver your link building service.

Discounts on Contracts

Sign up for 6 months and get a 10% discount every single month. Sign up for 12 months and get a 15% discount every month.

price comparison with Hoth

First month setup is at $995 with content creation, research, tools, and email setup.


8 Links per month

USD 995

Minimum of 2 DR30+ Links

Minimum of 2 DR50+ Links

1 Skyscraper Article
every 3 months

16 Links per month

USD 1795

Minimum of 4 DR30+ Links

Minimum of 4 DR50+ Links

1 Skyscraper Article
every 2 months

24 Links Per Month
USD 2595

Minimum of 6 DR30+ Links

Minimum of 6 DR50+ Links

1 Skyscraper Article
every month

ShotGun Skycrapper technique


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