Stock photos library link building

Stock photos library link building

Stock photos library link building


What is stock photos library link building?

It's very common when web master build websites, they will search in Google for [Topic + stock photos]

For example, if they are into dental business, they will search for stock photos related to dentistry or clinic settings.

The workflow for this is that we provide some really nice stock photos related to the topic, and in return they are being "force" to give us a backlink.

Imagine the search term for such stock photo ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 per month, and 2-3% conversion rate of people using the photo is equivalent to 20-30 backlinks earned per month.

Here are the process

1. We will research for demand around your topic.
Ahrefs search volumes

2. Check the SERPs
We will analyze if there is opportunity within this keyword to provide such stock photos.

3. Source Images

We will source images and edit them for professional use by web masters

4. Create Your Library

Organise the photos properly in the section for easy navigation and indexing

5. Get the Page Ranking
Optimise the page for ranking well on Google

This is one time setup with minimum 30 stock photos library.

Stock photos library link building


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