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White Label YouTube Ads to Grow Your Agency Faster


Insights into the YouTube Ads

Let WhiteLabelSeo create the perfect Youtube ads for you in seconds. Get more leads and boost your ROI.

Help Your Business Succeed

In WhiteLabelSeo, we test various versions of your ad copy, headlines, images, videos, and product links to identify which combinations deliver the best ROI. The algorithms learn which configurations work best, so customers searching for the same thing might see the different ads based on the context.

How to Run Your YouTube Ads with AI

With just a few simple steps, you can launch targeted ads across the YouTube platform:

  1. Open the AI prompt generator

  2. Add your website, preferred language, what your business is

  3. Enter your brand name

  4. Tap ‘Generate’ a description to finish off your prompt

You can edit this anytime to adjust your ad text, targeting or include a special offer.

What AI Tool Can Do?

Our cutting-edge integration with ChatGPT technology can help you optimize your advertising efforts by:

  • Generating the best ad copy and content that suits the YouTube algorithm

  • Generating hundreds of ad combinations to test what are the best options to run

  • Suggesting the perfect audience targeting for your YouTube ads

  • The vast library includes images and videos from Shutterstock provided to clients


Prompt Ad Creation with AI

Our AI-powered Prompt Ad Creation works seamlessly across all major platforms. Whether it’s YouTube, Google Search, TikTok, or LinkedIn, we’ve got you covered.

Time-Saving Ad Creation for You and Clients

Creating and launching ads on the YouTube platform has never been easier. With this user-friendly AI tool, you can quickly grow your agency and provide top-notch results for your clients in seconds.Your clients will love the visibility and engagement that comes from advertising on YouTube, and you’ll love how simple it is to craft and launch effective campaigns. Save time and stress with this streamlined process, and watch your agency thrive as a result with WhiteLabelSeo.

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